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per‧cen‧tage W3
1 [uncountable and countable]HM an amount expressed as if it is part of a total which is 100
percentage of
The percentage of school leavers that go to university is about five per cent.
Tax is paid as a percentage of total income.
high/low/small percentage
A high percentage of married women have part-time jobs.
Interest rates fell by six percentage points (=6%).
The numbers are small in percentage terms (=when calculated as a percentage).
percentage change/increase etc
Crime figures showed significant percentage increases.
! If the noun that follows a percentage of is plural, use a plural verb: Only a small percentage of people are interested in politics.
2 [countable usually singular]BB a share of the profits:
She gets a percentage for every record sold.

there is no percentage in doing something

British English informal used to say that doing something is not going to help or be useful:
There's no percentage in worrying.

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