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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolygonpol‧y‧gon /ˈpɒlɪɡən $ ˈpɑːlɪɡɑːn/ noun [countable]  technicalHM a flat shape with three or more sidespolygonal /pəˈlɪɡənəl/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
polygonWrite a formula that shows the relationship between the amount of degrees in a polygon and the number of sides it has.I am here allowing polygons of general shape, and one needs some adequately computable way of displaying the individual tiles.McAlpine and Cook evaluated these results by classifying the derived polygons by size and boundary complexity.Figure 7.4 Closure error in polygon digitizing.They are completely regular solids: each has all of its faces repeating a regular polygon, triangle, square or pentagon.Experiment will reveal that any regular polygon needs similar adjustment to transform a geometric shape into a sensory image.The separate polygons showing the hydrological, biological and water quality parameters of Lake Tahoe should be capable of being overlaid.The error can spread over the polygon by altering the positions of the boundary points appropriately.