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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishradiusra‧di‧us /ˈreɪdiəs/ ●○○ noun (plural radii /-diaɪ/) [countable]  1 TMthe distance from the centre to the edge of a circle, or a line drawn from the centre to the edgediameter2 TMan area that covers a particular distance in all directions from a central point The shock of the explosion was felt over a radius of forty miles.within a 10-mile/200-metre etc radius There are more than a dozen golf courses within a 15-mile radius of St Andrews.3 technicalHBH the outer bone of the lower part of your arm
Examples from the Corpus
radiusThe moon has a radius of approximately 1737 kilometers.The ionic radius varies among the elements depending on atomic number and ionic charge of the ion.The group also looked for John Deere equipment in a 20-mile radius.All life, plant and animal, within a mile radius of Ground Zero simply vanished.There were still a few funeral directors within a thirty-mile radius I had not, as yet, contacted.The equatorial and polar radii have been measured by various means and correspond to some level above the cloud tops.This is about a factor of 3 smaller than current best estimates of the neutron star radius.There is a single tendon insertion into the radius bone of the forearm.within a 10-mile/200-metre etc radiusWithin a 10-mile radius there are several archaeological sights, stone circles and museums to visit.