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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecurre‧cur /rɪˈkɜː $ -ɜːr/ ●○○ verb (recurred, recurring) [intransitive]  1 HAPPENif something, especially something bad or unpleasant, recurs, it happens again There is a danger that the disease may recur. Love is a recurring theme in the book.recurring dream/nightmare2 technicalHM if a number or numbers after a decimal point recur, they are repeated for ever in the same order→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
recurBob carried out immediate treatment and reassured the client that the infestation would not recur because the drainage system had been replaced.Bromocriptine increases the level of dopamine in the brain, which controls rhythmic biological cycles that recur every 24 hours.Here, expressed in ecclesiastical terms, was the distinction between North and South which recurs frequently in writings of the period.Although the treatment for skin cancer is usually successful, the problem can recur later.One of Tan's recurring motifs is self-expression or its absence.Some people find that the same dream keeps recurring over a period of many years.Ashby says even after all these years, he still suffers from constantly recurring respiratory problems and skin rashes.He has a small recurring role as Earl the barber.And as the sound recurred she identified it and fled, with a speed which astonished her, through the nearest door.The recurring theme here is that community makes learning possible.In anticipation that the same problem might recur this summer I tried sowing some sweet peas with the runner beans.recurring themeThe sociology of social norms is a recurring theme.The recurring theme here is that community makes learning possible.Alongside views of New York, landscapes, nudes and portraits are recurring themes in Fetting's work.The same sort of attribution, of urges out of control, is a recurring theme in the reporting of school violence.Burne-Jones was obsessed with the symbolism of love, and hearts are a recurring theme ni his work.This is one of the great recurring themes of human history, the balance between cooperation and conflict.Above all, however, is the recurring theme of lasting friendship.The recurring theme of the Evil Fat Person is not the only one discerned by the authors' keen interpretive minds.