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squaresquare3 verb [transitive]  1 multiplyHMCOUNT/CALCULATE to multiply a number by itself2 in a competitionDSSAME British English to win a point or game so that you have now won the same number of points or games as the other team or player India won the second match to square the series at one each.3 square your shoulders4 make something straightSTRAIGHT to make something straight or parallel5 square the circle square something ↔ away square off square up square with→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
squareThen she squared her shoulders and headed indoors.I have no idea how Eva squared it with her husband, but she did.The Braves beat the Twins and squared the World Series at two games each.Not the least of these is that this does not square very well with the way to is learned by children.The confused events of the 450s and 460s are not easily squared with the literary image of the period purveyed by Sidonius.