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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvalueval‧ue1 /ˈvæljuː/ ●●● S2 W1 noun  1 moneyVALUE [countable, uncountable] the amount of money that something is worthvalue of The alterations doubled the value of the house.see thesaurus at cost2 worth the money paid [countable, uncountable] used to say that something is worth what you pay for it, or not worth what you pay for itgood/poor etc value (for money) British English, a good/poor etc value American English The lunch special is really good value. At only £45 a night, the hotel is great value for money.value for money British English (=good value, or the quality of being good value) Every customer is looking for value for money.3 importance/usefulness [uncountable]IMPORTANTUSEFUL the importance or usefulness of somethingvalue of A group of athletes spoke to the students about the value of a college education. the nutritional value of cerealbe of great/little value His research has been of little practical value.place/put a high value on something The Sioux Indians placed a high value on generosity. The locket has great sentimental value (=importance because it was a gift, it reminds you of someone etc).4 of value5 shock/curiosity/novelty etc value6 values7 amount [countable] technicalHM a mathematical quantity shown by a letter of the alphabet or sign Let x have the value 25.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the amount of money that something is worthverbsincrease/rise/go up in valueThe dollar has been steadily increasing in value.fall/go down in valueThere is a risk that the shares may fall in value.double in valueThe house doubled in value over two years.put a value on something (=say how much it is worth)It’s hard to put a value on something so unusual.the value of something increases/risesThe value of the land had increased by $2m.the value of something fallsThe value of your investment may fall.something holds its value (=its value does not fall over time)Good quality furniture should hold its value.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + valuehighYou should insure any goods of high value.lowThe low value of the dollar will benefit tourists.the market value (=the amount something can be sold for)The mortgage is more than the house’s current market value.the monetary/cash value (=the value of something in money)They made an attempt to assess the cash value of the contract.face value (=the value printed on something)The tickets are selling for far more than their face value.the real value (=its value after considering inflation)The real value of their salaries has fallen.the street value (=the amount that users will pay for illegal drugs)Drugs with a street value of £1,600 were found in the car.property/land valuesProperty values have fallen sharply.phrasesa fall/drop in valueThere was a sudden drop in the value of oil.a rise/increase in valueWe saw a rapid increase in the land’s value.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘something is value’ or ‘something is very value’. Say something is good value or something is very good value. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: the importance or usefulness of somethingphrasesof great valueThese drugs are of great value in treating cancer.of little valueThe information was of little value.place/put a high value on somethingOur society places a high value on education.adjectiveslasting value (=that will be important or useful for a long time)He wanted to achieve something of lasting value.sentimental value (=important because it was a gift, reminds you of someone etc)The ring wasn’t expensive but had great sentimental value.nutritional value (=the amount of things that a food contains, which are good for your health)The nutritional value of cereals can vary. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 6: adjectivestraditional valuesHe called for a return to traditional values.moral valuesShe had her own set of moral values.cultural/social valuesa book about a clash between British and Chinese cultural valuesThe films of the time reflected these changing social values.spiritual valuesWe have replaced our spiritual values with materialism.human valuesbasic human values such as honesty, decency, and dutysomebody’s core values (=most basic values)The party needs to express its core values clearly.verbshold/have valuesPeople brought up in different times hold different social values.share somebody’s valuesThey vote for the candidate who shares their values.uphold valuesThe new party was dedicated to upholding traditional values.phrasesa set of valuesThe young have a completely different set of values.
Examples from the Corpus
valueSuch anthologies have great interest and value, not least because of their motivating appeal to students.The Bloomberg Indiana Index has risen almost 17 percent since it was started in September 1994 with a base value of 100.A close third was his upholding of conservative values.Real estate values continue to rise.Agricultural and fishing exports increased four-fold in value from 1974-77.Some fine wines increase in value as they get older.And these latter values are very much higher than the values obtainable on the old system.Fiber has no calories or nutritional value.Among many seventeenth-century Puritans, a little more leeway about the value of good works in salvation was allowed.Services would be charged for the value of the buildings they occupied to encourage economy.If K equals 3, what is the value of X?Depreciation is a charge that reduces the value of assets over time, reflecting their use.The value of the sculpture was estimated at $500,000.value for moneySainsbury's cookbooks are generally considered to be value for money.There were fewer mismatches so spectators got better value for money.Better value for money would result from less use of custody for many classes of offender.With good storage and stability this tent is excellent value for money.They provide superb transparency and accuracy and must be judged excellent value for money.From the very beginning its policy was to produce good, sturdy cookers which offered excellent value for money.The show was less than one hour long and we didn't really get value for money.There's a special ticket that means you can see six concerts, which is definitely good value for money.Because no other catalogue offers such exciting gifts from all over the world - at such value for money prices.Customers want value for money, and retailers use different strategies to convince the customer that she is getting a bargain.