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Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin volumen 'roll, scroll', from volvere; VOLUBLE


vol‧ume W2


[uncountable] the amount of sound produced by a television, radio etc
turn the volume up/down
Can you turn the volume up?

amount of something

[countable usually singular, uncountable] the total amount of something, especially when it is large or increasing
volume of
The volume of traffic on the roads has increased dramatically in recent years.
the volume of trade

space filled

[countable usually singular] a measurement of the amount of space that a substance or object fills, or the amount of space in a container
volume of
an instrument for measuring the volume of a gas
The volume of the container measures 10,000 cubic metres.


a) AL a book that is part of a set, or one into which a very long book is divided:
The period from 1940-45 is in volume 9.
b) formalTCN a book
volume of
a volume of Keats's poetry
c) all the copies of a particular magazine printed in one particular year

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