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Topic: Measurement

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeasurementmea‧sure‧ment /ˈmeʒəmənt $ -ʒər-/ ●●● W3 noun  1 [countable]TMMEASURE the length, height etc of somethingwaist/chest/leg etc measurement What’s your waist measurement?take/make measurements (=measure something) Take measurements of the room before you buy any new furniture.take somebody’s measurements (=measure someone in order to make or get clothes for them) The assistant took my measurements and showed me what was available in my size.2 [uncountable] the act of measuring somethingmeasurement of the measurement of performance accurate measurement of body temperatureCOLLOCATIONSverbstake/make a measurement (=measure something)Scientists take daily measurements to find out if the ocean temperature is increasing.get a measurementYou get a more accurate measurement holding the tape this way.take somebody’s measurements (=measure someone for a piece of clothing)She was having her measurements taken for her wedding dress.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + measurementaccurateWhen making curtains, you need accurate measurements of the window.exact/preciseIt's about 10 metres by 8 metres - I don't know the exact measurements.This special equipment allows us to make very precise measurements.a careful measurement (=an accurate measurement – used when you are emphasizing the process of measuring)Careful measurements of the human skull were taken and recorded.a direct measurement (=one made by measuring the thing itself, not a photograph of it)Instruments in space allowed a direct measurement of Jupiter’s temperature.an objective measurement (=one that is not influenced by your opinions or feelings)The test provides an objective measurement of the student’s listening skills.somebody's waist/chest/leg etc measurementWhat is his waist measurement?
Examples from the Corpus
measurementThe quotas are sort of arbitrary measurements for compensation.I think his chest measurement is 40, or maybe 42.I can easily alter the dress for you, but I'll need your exact measurements.I'll just take a few measurements, then I can tell you how much paint you will need.This means that physical separation of the free labeled antigen from the antibody-bound labeled antigen is not necessary for measurement.What are his measurements?The inhabitant of two dimensional space could also refine the use of his measurement to make a quantitive determination of curvature.Previous investigations of protein metabolism in these clinical disorders have centred on measurements of whole body protein turnover.Practices on the rise included contracting for services, performance measurement, participatory management, impact fees, and strategic planning.progress measurementIf a patient is deeply shocked, measurement of peripheral blood pressure may be very low or difficult to record.What are the measurements of the bedroom?All government statistical services carry out this measurement exercise: it is their core business.take/make measurementsHoffman was under great pressure to work fast and took measurements over two full days.The real numbers which result from making measurements are interpreted as the eigenvalues of the corresponding observable.But an estimator can call at the customer's home, take measurements and quote a price.They then began to take measurements to see if any heat was being generated, suggestive of fusion occurring.Mum was taking measurements of a boy I knew, for his new trousers and shirt.accurate measurementThe figures are too small to allow accurate measurement of the exponent.Figure 8-5 contains a flowchart with 18 points describing the steps to be taken if accurate measurements are completed.If accurate measurement of quality is in place, natural selection proceeds almost automatically.More accurate measurements showed that a single epicycle per planet was not enough.More important, there is always the insistence on accurate measurement and also repeatable measurement.Because of the small difference between therapeutic and toxic levels in the serum, accurate measurements of lithium concentrations are essential.It was his development of special thermometer glass with glass capillaries containing liquid that made such accurate measurement feasible.The accurate measurement of area by this method must be achieved before it is sensible to talk about reflectance.