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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacreagea‧cre‧age /ˈeɪkərɪdʒ/ noun [uncountable]  TMthe area of a piece of land measured in acres
Examples from the Corpus
acreageOptic and Cooper make up their spring barley acreage.Despite corn acreage increasing by ten percent last year, nitrogen fertilizer sales dropped by more than ten percent.The organization seeking that desert acreage?But Carlton sold off the last of his acreage to his brother-in-law last year.Running such a large acreage, it's important to keep the lifting schedule simple.There were counties in California that contained more acreage than that, and the figure included much of the easily irrigable land.The plant and its surrounding acreage stretch as far as the eye can see.In all 34% of this acreage was cut twice - mainly in Cumbria, Leicestershire and parts of Derbyshire.