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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdensityden‧si‧ty /ˈdensəti/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 TMthe degree to which an area is filled with people or thingsdensity of the size and density of settlements areas of high population density2 TM technical the relationship between the mass of something and its size
Examples from the Corpus
densityDescribes the design characteristics of the nine generic house types used to estimate the capacity and density of large sites.But one can not simply associate high lexical density with writing, and low lexical density with speaking.population densityThe height of the curve at any point on the dimension axis x is called the probability density of that particular value.To achieve real density would require a volume hologram, made from a photorefractive crystal.We therefore took this data into consideration when calculating the superhelical densities of the different plasmid preparations.The minimum radius of the body for which this direct contest is established depends on the density of the body.But pumped up to the density required for a robot, circuit strangeness becomes indelible.The purpose of the simulation is to estimate mean vehicle queue lengths and delays for various vehicle densities and train frequencies.population densityAverage population densities doubled between 1900 and 1960.Where there is a high population density and a rapid population turnover, the church must achieve visibility.He suggested that the main cause of social differentiation was the increase in population density.Counties with low population density have sparse shading while counties with high population density have dark shading.Rural population densities are of prime importance in modifying the implications of the different relations of production under which land is used.Presumably there are factors that control the size, and they depend on the population density.The sampling frequency of water depends under regulations upon population density.