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gaugegauge2 ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 MEASUREto judge how people feel about something or what they are likely to dogauge whether/what/how etc It is difficult to gauge what the other party’s next move will be. I looked at Chris, trying to gauge his reaction.2 TMto measure or calculate something by using a particular instrument or method The thermostat will gauge the temperature and control the heat.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
gaugeIf champions are gauged by their ability to win tough fights, Marco Antonio Barrera has quite a future.When all the figures are available, it should be possible to gauge how much we'll need to spend.They hope to find ways to gauge the effectiveness of drug rehab programs.Use a combination square to gauge the location and depth of the cutout.He is testing, trying to gauge the mind of the jury.Recent polls have gauged the president's support at 85% or more.Bingham says they're ones for the future but how can we gauge their potential on a substitutes' bench.Pieper tried and failed to get hold of the outfits to brief them and to gauge their reaction.She stands there tapping that thermometer against her wrist watch, eyes whirring while she tries to gauge this new man.Indeed, sitting through the replay it was difficult to gauge whether it was live or not.Often sessions would include psychological tests designed to gauge workers' personality traits: extroverted, introverted, thoughtful, or driving.gauge whether/what/how etcOne way to gauge how effectively the message is getting through is to look at the numbers.Why is the White House fretting and sending emissaries to gauge what he really wants?It is not so easy to gauge what his emphasis on the book's Wagnerian aspect really implied.Indeed, sitting through the replay it was difficult to gauge whether it was live or not.This she did, gauging how much was left in the glass by the amount in the other glasses.In Maine, people gauge whether spring has arrived not by groundhogs, but by skunks.It relies on textbooks, repetitive problem-solving and drills to gauge what students know.And try to gauge whether the company is well-managed by checking its balance sheet and talking to experts about its business prospects.