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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraingrain /ɡreɪn/ ●●○ noun  1 food a) [uncountable]TACDF the seeds of crops such as corn, wheat, or rice that are gathered for use as food, or these crops themselves big sacks of grain Last year’s grain harvest was the biggest ever. b) [countable]TACDF a single seed of corn, wheat etc grains of rice2 lines in wood etcCS [singular] the natural lines you can see in a substance such as wood, which are the result of its structurealong the grain (=in the same direction as the grain) Cut along the grain of the wood.across the grain (=at 90 degrees to the grain)3 small piece [countable]PIECE a single very small piece of a substance such as sand or saltgrain of a grain of sand There were crumbs and grains of sugar on the table.4 a grain of something5 against the grain6 measure [countable]TM the smallest unit for measuring weight, equal to about 0.06 grams. It is used for weighing medicines. take something with a pinch/grain of salt at salt1(3)
Examples from the Corpus
grainfive-grain cerealA few grains of the tablet are left at the bottom of the glass.fields of grainThus it may be seen that the only grains actually suspended in the air are the very fine ones.Sand that's measured to ensure the right grain size for maximum strength and exceptional beauty.This can be extremely useful for overviews of a thin section, grain shape and size determinations and for fabric analysis.If you drop any rice you'll have to pick up every single grain.These two true incidents have in their implications a strange grain of truth.It went against the grain to have to tell others how to behave.What color are the grains of sand?The strip of mahogany has the grain running lengthwise.Figure 3-17 shows graphically the division of igneous rocks according to their mineral content and their grain size.You always end up with grains of sand in your food when you eat at the beach.across the grainThe rasps are useful for preliminary shaping prior to fine-finishing, and will cut across the grain of timber without tearing it.More teeth give a cleaner cut, and are better for cutting across the grain if a really smooth finish is required.Puffed wood should be mainly expanded across the grain.