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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpedanceim‧ped‧ance /ɪmˈpiːdəns/ noun [singular, uncountable]  technicalTPETM a measure of the power of a piece of electrical equipment to stop the flow of an alternating current
Examples from the Corpus
impedanceThe phasors representing the e.m.f. and potential difference across impedance Z then have lengths in the same proportion to and respectively.Parameters and are in fact dimensionless while and respectively exhibit impedance and admittance dimensions.Ideally, any alternating voltmeter should possess infinite impedance and any a.c. meter negligible impedance.Its high input impedance means that it does not load a signal source which it copies at its output.Transformer coupling of the source and/or detector to the Wheatstone network is often adopted to match impedance levels or for isolation purposes.The output impedance is about 0.02 ohm at the 5V end and 0.1 ohm at the 15V end of the range.The impedance of the battery alone is enough to regulate their input.