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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkiloki‧lo /ˈkiːləʊ $ -loʊ/ ●●● S3 noun (plural kilos) [countable]  TMa kilogram
Examples from the Corpus
kiloOne case in Louisiana involved the seizure of 275 kilos of cocaine.July 4: 300 kilos of cannabis resin and herbal cannabis worth up to £3m seized from a Northern Ireland-registered lorry in Dover.On average, each person can expect to get just 8 kilos of food every 2 weeks.Each of the six weighed half a kilo so I was glad John came to meet me on arrival.Shouldn't he order a kilo?At Buitoni we go even further and blend a full five eggs - quality controlled and fully pasteurised - into each kilo.Highest price steer per kilo 148.5, R. Jones, Cae Isaf.It was just my luck to have bags made of light nylon, weighing in at ten kilos in total.