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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkilometrekil‧o‧me‧tre British English, kilometer American English /ˈkɪləˌmiːtə, kɪˈlɒmɪtə $ kɪˈlɑːmɪtər/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable] (written abbreviation km)  TMa unit for measuring distance, equal to 1,000 metres
Examples from the Corpus
kilometreSome have been sighted more than thirty feet in length, cruising almost a kilometre above sea level.They were now a kilometre from the castle.According to the proximity readout, the capsule was only a kilometre or so from contact with the surface of Tarvaras.A basalt flow can advance over a kilometre of flat ground in a matter of hours; an andesite may take months.The levels of report in the Hughes and Cole study were all calculated per kilometre travelled.Figure 1 a shows the altitude profile of energy release in units of Mton high explosive equivalent per kilometre.An array a square kilometre in size should see neutrino sources if there are any, Halzen says.The kilometre long cutting emerges on to a longer embankment with extensive views over the Tame valley and back towards West Bromwich.