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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeterme‧ter1 /ˈmiːtə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TMDa machine that measures and shows the amount of something you have used or the amount of money that you must paywater/gas/electricity meter A man came to read the electricity meter. The taxi driver left the meter running while I ran in to pick up my bags.2 a machine that measures the level of somethingsound-level/light etc meter3 (also parking meter) a machine which you put money into when you park your car next to it4 the American spelling of metre
Examples from the Corpus
meterHeating is normally charged separately, often by coin meter.Their invention was an electricity meter controlled by signals from the power company.a gas meterThe four Brent and two Ninian meters measure the incoming oil from offshore.Each time Joe Consumer retrieves a file from a commercial server, the payment meter is ticking.the taxi meterThe City has installed 300 of the meters in West Portal to test their reliability.Token meters are also available from most gas regions.read ... meterRead meters and dials of various types.Is Big Brother reading your meter?Electricity: read meter on arrival and departure - cost is ten pence per unit to cover standing charge as well as unit cost.Gas: First, read the meter.Manville glanced over the driver's shoulder, reading the meter.Electricity, gas and water companies have sought many years for a way to read meters without visiting the customer's premises.The utilities also have announced they will read meters every other month and use an estimate between readings.sound-level/light etc meterA light meter can be used to assess the level of lighting present.A sound-level meter could be a substitute for the friend.For me, it is the accuracy of the Nikon light meter that really sets it apart.A Weston light meter in a leather case dangled from his neck like an amulet.