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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmetricmet‧ric /ˈmetrɪk/ adjective  1 TMusing or connected with the metric system of weights and measuresimperial a metric tonne The parts all come in metric sizes now.2 TMmetrical
Examples from the Corpus
metricIn terms of this new time coordinate the Schwarzschild metric becomes.One metric by which collocations may be measured and grouped is to rate them on a scale of probability.The metric equation for free fall is so that.These are second order differential equations for the four metric functions.It is instructive also to express the metric in Kruskal-Szekeres form.These two factors together mean that the fundamentals of the metric system present difficulties to them.As experienced Yankees know, one of the big adventures is dealing with the metric system.Commercial facilities within the state manage 733,515 metric tons of material.2.3 metric tons