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minusminus3 adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [only before noun] British English used to talk about a disadvantage of a thing or situation opp plus πŸ”Š β€˜Any minus points?’ β€˜Well, the engine is rather noisy.’ πŸ”Š On the minus side, there is no free back-up service if things go wrong.2 less than zero – used especially when talking about temperatures πŸ”Š At night temperatures sometimes fall to minus 30Β°. πŸ”Š a minus quantity3 β†’ A minus/B minus etc
Examples from the Corpus
minusβ€’ The temperature dropped to almost minus 40.β€’ a trade deficit of minus Β£4bnminus pointsβ€’ Self-assessment First sit down and make a list of your plus and minus points.β€’ All colours have their plus and minus points and there are times when a particular colour is best.