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2 verb
1 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] to walk first in one direction and then in another many times, especially because you are nervous:
I found Mark at the hospital, pacing restlessly up and down.
pace the floor/room
Sam stood up and paced the floor, deep in thought.

pace yourself

a) DSO to control the speed that you move at in a race, so that you still have energy left near the end:
Nicky paced herself and came through the ranks to win.
b) to organize your life and activities so that you do not have too much to do:
You need to pace yourself and decide which tasks are the most important.
3 [transitive] also pace something ↔ off, pace something ↔ outTM to measure a distance by walking across it with steps of equal length:
The director paced out the length of the stage.
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