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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpartpart1 /pɑːt $ pɑːrt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 piece [countable]PART a piece or feature of something such as an object, area, event, or period of timepart of The front part of the car was damaged. In parts of Canada, French is the first language. The cost of living is becoming unbearable for retired people in our part of the world (=where we live). More heat is lost through the head than any other part of the body.the early/later/latter/last part in the early part of the 19th centurythe best/worst part The best part of the holiday was the food.the first/final/last part etc You can see the final part of that series on Tuesday.part two/three etc I shall be explaining this further in Part Two.the hard/easy part Getting Dad to agree will be the hard part.different parts/all parts of something The jobs attracted people from all parts of the world.integral/vital/important part the traditions that are an integral part of Jewish lifein parts The film is very violent in parts.2 machine/object [countable]TPART one of the separate pieces that something such as a machine or piece of equipment is made of Lay all the parts out before you start assembling the model. engine partsspare parts (=kept for when a part breaks, needs replacing etc)3 part of something4 play a part5 have a part to play (in something)6 take part7 take/have/play no part in something8 want no part of something9 the best/better part of something10 a good/large part of something11 the greater/major part of something12 in part13 in large part/for the most part14 be (a) part of something15 form (a) part of something16 hair [countable usually singular] American EnglishDCB a parting17 acting [countable]APA the words and actions of a particular character in a play or film syn role Could someone take the part of Romeo, please? Katharine’s playing the part of Mary in the school play.18 music [countable]APM the music that one type of instrument or voice within a group plays or sings The violin part is difficult. The choir sings in four-part harmony. 19 quantity [countable]HCTM used to say how much of each substance there is or should be in a mixture Prepare the glue with one part powder to three parts water. The sulphur dioxide level in the air was 32 parts per billion.20 look the part21 dress the part22 somebody’s part in something23 in/round these parts24 take somebody’s part25 for my/his part etc26 on somebody’s part/on the part of somebody27 take something in good part28 be part and parcel of something29 be/become part of the furniture30 man/woman of many partsCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a piece or feature of something such as an object, area, event, or period of timeADJECTIVES/NOUN + part the early partThe school dates from the early part of the nineteenth century.the first partIn the first part of the book he describes his childhood.the later part (=the part towards the end of a period of time )in the later part of the twentieth centurythe latter part (=the second half rather than the first)The festival lasts for ten days during the latter part of May.the last/final partWe had reached the last part of our journey.the best/worst partThe worst part was having to work even when it was raining.the hard/easy partDeciding what you’re going to cook is the easy part.an important partFresh fruit is an important part of our diet.a vital/essential part (=an extremely important and necessary part )A ceasefire in the region is an essential part of any peace process.an integral part (=a necessary part of the whole thing)These workshops are an integral part of the course.different parts of somethingPublic transport varied between different parts of the country.all parts of something (also every part of something)He had access to all parts of the factory.the component/constituent parts of something (=the separate parts that form it)The body is a complex thing with many constituent parts.equal partsI cut the orange into four equal parts.phrasesparts of the worldThere are wars going on in many parts of the world.parts of the countryHe sometimes went to visit friends in other parts of the country.parts of the bodyThe cancer may spread to other parts of the body.part one/two/three etcThe questionnaire is in two parts: part one asks for your personal details and part two asks for your comments on the course. THESAURUSpart something that together with other things forms a wholeIt looks like part of a car engine.The best part of the movie was the end.The hardest part is getting started.bit especially British English informal a small part of somethingSome bits of the book are really funny.I didn’t read the bottom bit.piece one of several different parts that you join together to make somethingOne of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle was missing.The furniture comes in several pieces.component a part of a machine or processThe company supplies engine components for trucks.Education is a major component in a child’s growth and development.section a part of something that is clearly different and separate from other partsThe test is divided into two sections.the reference section of the librarythe string section of the orchestrachapter one of the numbered parts that a book is divided intoThe opening chapter of the book sets the scene.scene one of the parts that a film or play is divided intoSome scenes had to be cut because they were too violent.act 1, scene 2 of the playepisode a part of a story on the television or the radio, which is told in separate partsI missed last week’s episode. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 17: the words and actions of a particular character in a play or filmverbsplay a partShe plays the part of an ageing beauty queen.have a partHe had a small part in ‘Casino Royale’.take a part (=agree to play a part that you have been offered)When I was offered the part of the prince, I decided to take it.get a partI was thrilled when I was told I’d got the part.give somebody a partWhy did they give Sinatra the part?land a part (=be given a part)He landed a part in a cop show.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + parta big partShe felt the studio hadn’t given her enough big parts.a good partEvery time we do a play, the boys get all the good parts.a small partToby had a small part in the film.the lead/leading part (=the most important part)Taking the lead part of Annie will be 11-year-old Zoe Jones.a speaking part (=one in which you have some words to say)I had hoped to be given a speaking part.a walk-on part (=a small part in which you do not have any words to say)She had had walk-on parts in a couple of soap operas.
Examples from the Corpus
partPart of the research program involved interviewing teenagers in inner-city areas.Part One ends with the death of the hero's father.I'll sing the bass part if you want.She spent the early part of her life in Barcelona.I've finished the first part of my thesis.Sentimental attachment to some geographic part of the world is not part of the system.Organizing the party was easy, the hardest part was getting my parents to agree to it.Morales' murder is part of a wave of killings since Figueroa took office.Most have a core of solid businesses that ensure that at least parts of the firm are making serious money.Gradually you should be able to phase out the tangible reinforcers when tantrums are no longer a major part of her repertoire.Malaria is still common in many parts of Africa.And if later some one disposes of a record in some other way no part of the royalty can be recovered.Mix one part milk with two parts flour and stir.The director has given us until tomorrow to learn our parts.All our replacement parts are guaranteed, if you have your car serviced with us each year.Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice', adapted for radio in six partsA quarter of all 16-18 year olds are now taking part in these schemes.Check inside the box to see if all the parts are there.Did you understand the part about switching the modem speed?The part of Cyrano was played by Gerard Depardieu.But people in these parts name their children after their favorite stock-car racer, and they're proud to tell you so.Where does this part go?When you have filled in the form, keep the top part and send the other part to the bank.Isetan, however, said the filing was part of a dispute over control of real estate in three key markets.What part of Russia are you from?Which part of your job do you enjoy most?This is the widest part of the river.part ofPart of the money will be spent on a new playground.Do you enjoy working as part of a team?It's the lower part of my back that hurts most.Which part of town do you live in?spare partsWhen selecting equipment to buy, one should make sure that servicing facilities are good and spare parts are quickly obtainable.Like all representatives, his garage acts as a warehouse for samples and spare parts.Ian MacDonald and he had stripped down the old wreck and searched junk yards for spare parts.No sound had emerged from it for six months: spare parts were hard to get, Dynmouth Hi-Fi Boutique informed him.Operators can obtain spare parts locally, and mechanics need no special training.These exceptions are significant for manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts.Of the 88 locomotives on the Malha Oeste line, 35 are out of commission awaiting repairs or spare parts.It was very evident that there were no supplies or spare parts available.take the part ofOn one occasion, a socialist game was played, in which players took the parts of rich and poor countries.Garvey was to take the part of Balaam, and Lucie his donkey.You take the part of Tiki working your way through five different locations in search of your kidnapped chums.part ... to ... partsAlternatively, you can use a mix of one part cement to five parts ballast.The new mortar should be mixed at one part cement to four parts sand.