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plusplus3 ●○○ AWL adjective  1 ADVANTAGE[only before noun] used to talk about an advantage or good feature of a thing or situation opp minus Another of the Beach Club’s plus points is that it’s right in the middle of town. This is not an exciting car to drive, but on the plus side it is extremely reliable.2 MORE THAN A NUMBER OR AMOUNTused after a number to mean an amount which is more than that number an income of $50,000 plus Most children start school when they’re five plus.3 MORE THAN A NUMBER OR AMOUNTmore than zero – used especially when talking about temperatures opp minus Daytime temperatures barely reached plus 5º.4 A plus/B plus etc
Examples from the Corpus
plusa temperature of plus 12°He works 10 hours a day plus.The drugs have a street value of $30,000 plus.Two medical device makers also were in the plus column.The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.On the plus side of the ledger, several economists said Texas' growing high-tech industries would keep on growing.On the plus side, weight loss and regular exercise have been shown to reverse this process.plus pointsIt also has another couple of big plus points.It certainly took us a while to understand John's plus points.On the face of it these trivial little improvements, or plus points ahead of the norm look to be insignificant.However, the Atlantis's plus points are manifold, far outweighing this single flaw.Two plus points for me were the performances of Jamie Redknapp and Mike Hooper.Another of the Beach Club's plus points is that it is very central, right in the middle of Kavos.Their 100 plus points lead is virtually unassailable and the only question remaining is who will be relegated.