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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrotationro‧ta‧tion /rəʊˈteɪʃən $ roʊ-/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]TURN when something turns with a circular movement around a central pointrotation of the rotation of the Earth on its axisrotation about/around the planet’s rotation around the Sun2 [countable]TMTURN one complete circular turn around a central point syn revolution The blades spin at 100 rotations per minute.3 [uncountable]CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER the practice of regularly changing the thing that is being used or done, or the person who does a particular job job rotationin rotation Three plays will be performed in rotation during the drama festival.4 [countable] American English a period of time spent doing a particular job, when you will soon change to a different job for the same employer a young doctor on a rotation in the children’s ward5 [countable] American English the people who each take a turn to do a particular job in a regular order The rotation included two rookies, Hernandez and Saunders.rotational adjective
Examples from the Corpus
rotationCrop rotations and equipment could not be exploited in some areas until enclosure removed the remaining open fields and increased farm size.Robinson's first rotation at the hospital was in the emergency room.We need to do more cross-training and job rotation.It is emphasized here that there is no rotation in a frame in free fall.It takes 243 Earth days for Venus to complete one rotation.Still, Leyland left him out of the postseason rotation because there was nobody else to work right-handed long relief.The Earth's rotation adds to the confusion.A broken jaw to Javier Mejia created an opening in the rotation.The measured brightness variations over the rotation period are called the light curve of the asteroid.the rotation of the Earthrotation about/aroundThat means the inner core makes a complete eastward rotation about two-thirds of a second faster than the rest of the planet.Even in this case we can consider the translation to be a special case of rotation about a centre infinitely far away.There are three pairs of semicircular canals, which signal rotations around three axes at right angles to each other.Discuss whether the planet is in synchronous rotation around the Sun.Indeed, Mercury is in a form of synchronous rotation around the Sun.These arise when bulky pendant groups hinder the rotation about the backbone and cause T g to increase.in rotationEmployees shall be assigned to cases in rotation.Three Shakespearean comedies will be performed in rotation during the festival.