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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweightweight1 /weɪt/ ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 amount somebody/something weighs [countable, uncountable]HEAVY how heavy something is when you measure it The average weight of a baby at birth is just over seven pounds.in weight fish that are over two kilos in weightby weight Fruit and vegetables are sold by weight.2 how fat [uncountable]FAT how heavy and fat someone is You shouldn’t worry about your weight. overweight, underweight3 heaviness [uncountable]HEAVY the fact that something is heavy The weight of her boots made it hard for Sue to run. I didn’t know if the bridge would support our weight.under the weight of something Karen staggered along under the weight of her backpack.4 heavy thing [countable]HEAVY something that is heavy I can’t lift heavy weights because of my bad back.5 worry [singular]RESPONSIBLE something that causes you a lot of worry because you have to deal with itweight of She felt a great weight of responsibility. families who are crumbling under the weight of increasing debt Selling the house is a weight off my mind (=something that no longer causes a lot of worry).6 importance [uncountable]IMPORTANT if something has weight, it is important and influences people She knew that her opinion carried very little weight.give/add weight to something This scandal adds more weight to their arguments. 7 weight of something8 for measuring quantities [countable]TM a piece of metal that weighs an exact amount and is balanced against something else to measure how much the other thing weighs9 for sport [countable]DSO a piece of metal that weighs an exact amount and is lifted by people as a sport I’ve been lifting weights since I was 18. weightlifting10 throw your weight about/around11 throw your weight behind somebody/something12 pull your weight13 take the weight off your feet deadweightCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: how heavy and fat someone isverbsput on weight (also gain weight formal)He had put on weight since she last saw him.lose/shed weightShe lost a lot of weight when she was ill.watch your weight (=try not to get fatter, by eating the correct foods)He has to watch his weight because he has a heart condition.get/keep your weight down (=become thinner or stay thin)How can I keep my weight down?get/keep the weight off (=become or stay thinner)I changed my eating habits so I’d keep the weight off.weight + NOUNa weight problem (=a tendency to be too fat)I’ve always had a weight problem.weight gainThe medication can cause rapid weight gain.weight lossAfter the first month, weight loss slows down.adjectivessomebody’s ideal weight (=what someone should weigh, according to their height and body type)She weighs about 10lbs more than her ideal weight.somebody’s target weight (=the weight someone is trying to be)I’ve reached my target weight.excess weight (=the pounds that make you heavier than you should be)You’ll feel better if you lose the excess weight.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘lose your weight’. Say lose weight. Do not use ‘weight’ as a verb, for example by saying ‘I weight 55 kilos’. Say I weigh 55 kilos.
Examples from the Corpus
weightFor women, there was little relationship between weight and early death at all.Premature babies have a low birth weight.Twins and triplets are expected to have lower birth weights than single infants.Whipped butter and flavoured butters are more expensive than butter weight for weight.Vehicles over a certain weight are not allowed to use the bridge.It's true, people who stop smoking do tend to gain weight.My job requires lifting heavy weights such as TVs and refrigerators.She's always worried about her weight.Victory was easy for a man of his weight and strength.He stands with his weight on the right foot, his face lightly turned in that direction.Top quality hams range in weight from eight to eighteen pounds.The average sperm whale is 72 feet long and about 90 tons in weight.I've been trying to lose weight for over a year now.metric weightMy height is six feet, and my weight is 173 pounds.It goes without saying that Quinn lost a good deal of weight during this period.I think he looks better now that he's put on some weight.Several branches had been torn from the trees by the weight of the snow.It was no less than he deserved for carrying the weight of his team on his shoulders all game long.If you can guess the weight of the cake, you win a prize.The cost of postage depends on the weight of the packageAs a result of the government's programme, the weight of the public enterprise sector was significantly curtailed.Jim was staggering along under the weight of a huge box of encyclopaedias.The weight of evidence against her led to her conviction.The weight of the water makes the tub sink slightly.Sudden or unexplained weight loss may be an early indication of health problems.under the weight of somethingIts sister mission in Tumacacori was built of adobe and has crumbled under the weight of the years.There it stood, with its lifeless leather seat hanging down under the weight of absolutely nothing.He felt as if he weren't so much walking now as stumbling forward under the weight of that thought.Except maybe me under the weight of my blunders.Pad and pencil were more than Glover could take after a long night under the weight of his thought.Cameron's brain reeled slightly under the weight of all these alternatives.Almost at once she was back again staggering under the weight of an enormous round chocolate cake on a china platter.He stumbled under the weight of the branch and slithered into a hollow, ankle-deep in mud.weight ofSince he was 18, he's had the full weight of raising his younger brothers.The cable is strong enough to hold the weight of an elephant.give/add weight to somethingYou can change the center of gravity by adding weight to one part of the object.Does the tone and content of source C add weight to Snowden's argument? 11.Perhaps the enormous anti-Gorbachev demonstrations in Moscow do add weight to that particular reaction.Opposition leaders said the killing added weight to their demands for a change in government.Three strengths of the study add weight to its conclusions.The device of a court of five judges was adopted to add weight to the reconsideration of the earlier cases.The function of the double bassoon is to add weight to the bass.The role of premises is to throw light on a subject; the role of evidences is to give weight to it.lifting weightsAt Old Dominion, it was three hours a day five days a week, and lifting weights and conditioning.There are other ways of building strength besides lifting weights.My buddies knew that I was lifting weights with Mr Barraza.If you see that a member has poor posture when lifting weights, correct it.