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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconveyor beltconˈveyor belt noun [countable]  TEMa long continuous moving band of rubber, cloth, or metal, used in a place such as a factory or an airport to move things from one place to another We lifted our baggage from the conveyor belt.
Examples from the Corpus
conveyor beltTo understand this concept, think of your fretboard as a conveyor belt.Between each row of operators, a conveyor belt delivers brightly colored trays of material to each work station.A conveyor belt brings you the latest catch, which you then gut, clean and pack for freezing.A conveyor belt lifts the doughnuts out of the grease for a slow ride through a white curtain of falling glaze.The machine works by shining a light on subjects placed on its conveyor belt and the area of the shadow is measured.For doctors all the pleasure of medicine is destroyed by the conveyor belt pace..Baggage is placed on the conveyor belt to go through the X-ray machine.When the conveyor belt stops, out come the text books.