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crankcrank2 (also crank up) verb [transitive]  TEMto make something move by turning a crank Try cranking the engine. crank something ↔ out crank something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
crankThe 1. 8T Quattro would crank just fine, seemingly ready to roll.The door behind her cranked open.She pushed a button, cranking the bed to a more upright position.You crank the engine while I try to connect these wires.My sisters cranked thoughts like Univacs.They had it cranked up pretty loud.That means cranking up right now.Bringing me glasses of cold nectar is what they would do, and cranking up the air conditioner.Tam cranked up the top wire and tied it off at the post.His light is not just a depiction of nature, but nature with the volume cranked up very loud.