Sense: 1, 3
Date: 1400-1500
Language: Middle Low German
Origin: pumpe or Middle Dutch pompe, probably from Spanish bomba
Sense: 2
Date: 1500-1600
Origin: Origin unknown


1 noun
pump1 S3
1 [countable]TEM a machine for forcing liquid or gas into or out of something
water/air/beer etc pump (=for moving water, air etc)
hand/foot pump (=operated by your hand or foot)
petrol pump/gas pump (=for putting petrol into cars)
stomach pump (=for removing the contents of someone's stomach)
2 [countable usually plural]
a) British English a flat light shoe for dancing, exercise, sport etc
b) American English a woman's plain shoe with no laces, buckles etc:
a pair of leather pumps
3 [countable] an act of pumping
heat pump

➔ all hands to the pumps

at hand1 (38)

➔ prime the pump

at prime3 (4), parish pump

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