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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpumppump1 /pʌmp/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable]TEM a machine for forcing liquid or gas into or out of somethingwater/air/beer etc pump (=for moving water, air etc)hand/foot pump (=operated by your hand or foot)petrol pump/gas pump (=for putting petrol into cars)stomach pump (=for removing the contents of someone’s stomach)2 [countable usually plural] a) British English a flat light shoe for dancing, exercise, sport etc b) American English a woman’s plain shoe with no laces, buckles etc a pair of leather pumps3 [countable]MOVE something OR somebody an act of pumping heat pump, → all hands to the pumps at hand1(37), → prime the pump at prime3(4), → parish pump
Examples from the Corpus
pumpThe leak was reportedly from a pump in the plant.a pair of blue leather pumpsAfter two miles he came to a garage on the left, a small affair with old-style hand-operated pumps and a little office.The device which I call a Wurly costs no more than a standard pump to run.These stones extend down the watercourse, over which water flows with the aid of a simple submersible pump.But just as likely, his brief time alongside the men at Midvale ran together with his years at the pump works.At once, Poole could hear the throbbing of the pumps as precious air was sucked out of the lock chamber.A visitor treks to the pumps from the darkened viewing room of the aquarium by opening an unmarked door.stomach pumpEven 40 years ago, Thames river police who fell into the river were taken straight off to be stomach pumped.She was released from hospital yesterday after having her stomach pumped.His stomach pumped out acid into his system.