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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishselectorse‧lec‧tor /səˈlektə $ -ər/ AWL noun [countable]  1 British EnglishDSCHOOSE a member of a committee that chooses the best people for something such as a sports team2 technicalTEM a piece of equipment that helps you find the right thing, for example the correct gear in a car
Examples from the Corpus
selectorIn so doing, this overrides the channel selector, bringing both channels into play at once.Hedge selection More than 30 prospective hedges to choose from in our comprehensive and detailed selector table.Firstly selectors by nature have a conservative streak; this may not be a bad fault.In fairness to its selectors one must stress the virtual absence of any important body of writing expressing an alternative Left viewpoint.Their teams were chosen by the national selectors.There had been suggestions that he would move on after problems with his choice of selectors.Among a growing minority there was a tendency to immoderate attacks on selectors and, increasingly, Martin Crowe's leadership.Five years later - the Ashes series - he was a Test selector.