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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwheelwheel1 /wiːl/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 on a vehicleTT one of the round things under a car, bus, bicycle etc that turns when it movesfront/rear/back wheels πŸ”Š The car slid sideways, its rear wheels spinning. β†’ four-wheel drive2 for controlling a vehicleTTDRIVE [usually singular] the round piece of equipment that you turn to make a car, ship etc move in a particular directionat/behind the wheel (=driving a car) πŸ”Š The driver must have fallen asleep at the wheel. πŸ”Š Shall I take the wheel (=drive instead of someone else)? β†’ steering wheel3 in a machineTEM a flat round part in a machine that turns round when the machine operates πŸ”Š a gear wheel4 β†’ the wheels of something5 β†’ the wheel of fortune/life/time etc6 β†’ (set of) wheels7 β†’ wheels within wheels8 β†’ set the wheels in motion/set the wheels turning9 β†’ the wheels come off something10 β†’ a/the big wheel β†’ put your shoulder to the wheel at shoulder1(8), β†’ put a spoke in somebody’s wheel at spoke2(2), β†’ reinvent the wheel at reinvent(3)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesthe front wheelTurn your front wheels in the direction of the skid.the back/rear wheelThe rear wheels of the bus got stuck in a creek.verbsa wheel turns/goes aroundThe wheels went slowly around.a wheel spins (=turns around quickly, when the vehicle is not going along)The rear wheels spun in the sand.phrasesthe spokes of a wheel (=the thin metal bars that connect the outer ring of a wheel to the centre, especially on a bicycle wheel)
Examples from the Corpus
wheelβ€’ A big wheel in local government.β€’ The real danger to the mountain vegetation comes not from cycle wheels but from acid rain and global warming.β€’ Outside, a dozen gleaming Harleys were parked in a row, backed in, wheels cut to the left, identical.β€’ As soon as they were taken from shelter, they began to slide on locked wheels over the yard, and then to tilt.β€’ I missed the slower trains with the lounge cars and the rackety wheels.β€’ I let myself droop against the steering wheel.β€’ By Easter 1991 the above were well on the way, and the wheels had also been fitted.β€’ Locomotives weighing thirty or forty tons caused havoc where wheel met rail, iron rails sometimes needing replacement every two years.at/behind the wheelβ€’ When you are behind the wheel, your most important responsibility is safe driving.β€’ With Chancellor at the wheel, they had left enfamille to do the shopping.β€’ After thirty minutes I went outside, opened the door of the Falcon and sat down behind the wheel.β€’ He decided to wait, watching as the driver switched off the engine and slid from behind the wheel.β€’ Jack tipped him five and got behind the wheel of his Lincoln, which he was buying on time.β€’ Sweating with fear, Lepine dashed along the verandah and flung himself behind the wheel of the Citron.β€’ Elizabeth was slaughtered at the wheel of her boyfriend's four-wheel-drive truck as she desperately tried to escape.