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directdirect2 ●●● S3 W2 verb  1 aim [transitive always + adverb/preposition]DIRECTION to aim something in a particular direction or at a particular person, group etcdirect something at/towards etc something The machine directs an X-ray beam at the patient’s body. The new route directs lorries away from the town centre. I’d like to direct your attention to paragraph four. I want to direct my efforts more towards my own projects.2 be in charge [transitive]IN CHARGE OF to be in charge of something or control it Mr Turner was directing the investigation from a very early stage. The choir was directed by Sir David Willcocks.3 film/playAPTAM [intransitive, transitive] to give the actors in a play, film, or television programme instructions about what they should do The play was directed by Frank Hauser.4 way/route [transitive] formal to tell someone how to get to a placedirect somebody to something Could you direct me to Trafalgar Square, please?see thesaurus at lead5 tell somebody to do something [transitive] formal to tell someone what they should do syn orderdirect somebody to do something The judge directed the jury to find Mr Baggs not guilty.direct that He directed that his body should be buried in Upton.see thesaurus at order→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
directNow he directed a section of the Military Intelligence unit concerned with the security of the state from threats outside its boundaries.Top level managers direct all computer-related activities in an organization.Steinberg directed Argonne's chemistry division from 1982 to 1988.All too often attention is directed away from the present encounter to the next so that response is reduced to a minimum.It was a troubled film, directed by Sam Peckinpah who constantly had the Columbia Studio brass breathing down his neck.Those who are directing the ballpark construction say the lift technology is tested and will pose little danger to workers.A former Thompson campaign worker, Mary Crutchfield, 30, is directing the Dole effort in that state.Evaluation can be directed towards the various aspects of the educational course or programme.A steward directed us behind the stage and towards the dressing rooms.Go and ask the patrolman - he'll direct you to the freeway.direct ... effortsThis focus can be used to direct all recruitment efforts.But how best to direct our efforts for improvement is bound up with our perceptions of the reasons for the differences.Organizational goals are clearly specified to direct efforts of employees toward greater efficiency.Local economic development strategies divert attention and resources of government away from direct efforts to resolve social problems. 7.We are committed to prudent exploration and will direct efforts to ventures which offer significant potential.Negotiations with Moda'i Initially, Peres directed his efforts towards winning the support of small orthodox religious parties.direct somebody to somethingA nurse directed us down the hallway to the birthing room.direct thatHe also directed that full restitution be made and that Greenlaw serve three years of probation after completing his house arrest.Or the settlor could direct that in a certain event a new use should spring up in D's favour.One could well direct that question to the Labour party.Burns' will directed that the money be used for college scholarships.It may then direct that the records or documents be disclosed to other parties to the proceedings.