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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdubdub1 /dʌb/ verb (dubbed, dubbing) [transitive]  1 NAME OF A PERSONto give something or someone a name that describes them in some waylabel, namebe dubbed something The body, thousands of years old, was found in the Alps and dubbed ‘The Iceman’.2 SLLAMto change the original spoken language of a film or television programme into another languagebe dubbed into something a British film dubbed into French Grammar Dub is usually passive in meanings 1 and 2.3 especially British EnglishTCR to make a record out of two or more different pieces of music or sound mixed together4 American English to copy a recording from a tape or CD onto another tape5 PGOif a king or queen dubs someone, they give the title of knight to that person in a special ceremony→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dubDiana, who dubbed Camilla the Rottweiler, no longer cares.Johnson was dubbed "Magic" while playing high school basketball.The program to distribute Thanksgiving turkeys was dubbed "Operation Gobble."Vic hadn't decided whether to dub or not.Griner uses it for dubbing recorded music and transferring certain selections to cassette tapes.The two men had such a reputation for drug abuse that they were dubbed "The Toxic Twins."