Topic: MEDIA

Date: 1600-1700
Language: Late Latin
Origin: 'producer (of books)', from Latin editus; EDITION


ed‧i‧tor W2 [countable]
1TCN the person who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine, or part of a newspaper or magazine, and decides what should be included in it
editor of
the editor of the Daily Telegraph
2TCAM someone who prepares a book or article for printing by deciding what to include and checking for any mistakes
3 someone who chooses what to include in a book on a particular subject:
the editor of a book of essays on modern poetry
4 someone who prepares a film, television programme, or sound recording for broadcasting by deciding what to include and checking for any mistakes:
a TV script editor
5 someone who reports on a particular subject for a radio or television news programme [↪ correspondent]:
Here is John Simmonds, our Diplomatic Editor, with the latest news.
6TD technical a computer program that allows you to make changes to saved information

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