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1 noun

firm hold

[countable usually singular] the way you hold something tightly, or your ability to do thisCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
firm/tight/good/strong grip iron/vice-like grip (=a very strong grip) tighten your grip (on something) (=hold something more tightly) loosen/relax your grip (on something) (=hold something less tightly) release your grip (on something) (=let go of something) lose your grip (=accidentally let go of something) get a grip (on something) (=hold something that is hard to hold firmly)
Hold the microphone in a firm grip and keep it still.
She felt her wrist caught in a vice-like grip.
Don't loosen your grip on the rope or you'll fall.
He released his grip and stepped back.


[singular] power and control over someone or something
have/keep a grip on something
Stalin's determination to keep an iron grip on Eastern Europe
tighten/loosen/relax your grip (on something)
By 1979 South Africa was tightening its grip on Namibia.
tight/firm/strong/iron etc grip
The recession could be avoided if business keeps a firm grip on its costs.


[singular] an understanding of something
have/get a grip on something
I'm just trying to get a grip on what's happening.
She was losing her grip on reality.

come/get to grips with something

to understand or deal with something difficult:
I've never really got to grips with this new technology.

lose your grip

to become less confident and less able to deal with a situation:
I don't know what's the matter; I think I'm losing my grip.

get/take a grip on yourself

to start to improve your behaviour or control your emotions when you have been very upset:
Stop being hysterical and get a grip on yourself.

Get a grip

spoken used in order to tell someone to control their emotions:
For God's sake get a grip!

be in the grip of something

to be experiencing a very unpleasant situation that cannot be controlled or stopped:
a country in the grip of famine

stop something slipping

a) [countable] a special part of a handle that has a rough surface so that you can hold it firmly without it slipping:
My racquet needs a new grip.
b) [singular, uncountable] the ability of something to stay on a surface without slipping:
boots which give a good grip

for hair

[countable] British EnglishDCB a hairgrip


[countable] technicalBOAM someone whose job is to move the cameras around while a television show or film is being made


[countable] old-fashionedDLT a bag or case used for travelling

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