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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_242_borganor‧gan /ˈɔːɡən $ ˈɔːr-/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  1 body part a) HBa part of the body, such as the heart or lungs, that has a particular purpose the liver, heart, and other internal organs loss of blood flow to his vital organs Extra doses of the hormone caused the animals’ reproductive organs to develop sooner than usual. In Arizona, 480 people are waiting for organ transplants. dying people who have agreed to be organ donors b) HBa penis – used because you want to avoid saying this directly2 musical instrumentRRC a) (also pipe organ) a large musical instrument used especially in churches, with keys like a piano and large pipes that air passes through to produce the sound b) an electronic musical instrument that produces music similar to a pipe organ, but that does not have pipes an electronic organ3 organizationORGANIZATION formal an organization that is part of, or works for, a larger organization or grouporgan of The courts are organs of government. the decision-making organs4 newspaper/magazine formalTCN a newspaper or magazine which gives information, news etc for an organization or grouporgan of the official organ of the Communist PartyCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + organ internal organs (=organs inside your body)She died after suffering serious damage to internal organs.vital organs (=the most important organs for life, for example the heart and brain)Luckily, the bullet passed through his body without hitting vital organs.sexual/reproductive/sex organsthe male and female sexual organssense/sensory organs (=the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin, used to give us information about the world around us)Our minds function through the brain, nervous system, and sense organs.As with the other sensory organs, taste is highly developed in babies at birth.digestive organs (=the stomach, intestines etc, used to digest food)a disorder of the digestive organsa donor organ (=an organ from one person's body that is put or can be put into another person's body)There is a chronic shortage of donor organs.organ + NOUNan organ transplant (=an operation to put an organ from one person’s body into another person’s body)Up to 5,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant.an organ donor (=someone who gives an organ for an organ transplant)Not all patients who die are suitable as organ donors.
Examples from the Corpus
organorgan musicIn contemplating the removal of an organ or organs, re-member that Nature does not indulge in luxuries.an organ transplantThe liver is an extremely complex organ.These electrical pulses are then analysed and used to produce detailed pictures of a patient's internal organs.internal organsThis diagram shows the position of the main organs of speech.The fact is: There is a terrible shortage of organ donations.It is only after gastrulation that the organs, like limbs, liver, and eyes, begin to develop.The organ most at risk is the brain, being enclosed within a rigid bony shell.One solution might be to use organs from other species, if the problem of rejection can be overcome.Her vital organs are intact and she has a good chance of recovery.organ donorsIn Wisconsin, the drugs have been used routinely in organ donors, without problems, for decades.Many more organ donors, however, are available than are being assessed through existing organ procurement efforts.A shortage of organ donors continues to be the main limiting factor in most types of transplantation.We view so called elective ventilation of patients who might become potential organ donors with some trepidation.The specimens from the organ donors were immediately placed in ice cold isotonic saline.organ ofYou have to deal with the Foreign Trade Bank, which is an organ of the central government.Even "L'Unita", the organ of the Italian Communist Party, criticized the strike.