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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrehearsalre‧hears‧al /rɪˈhɜːsəl $ -ɜːr-/ ●○○ noun  1 AMAP[countable, uncountable] a time when all the people in a play, concert etc practise before a public performancerehearsal for/of a rehearsal for ‘Romeo and Juliet’in rehearsal The dialogue was worked out by actors in rehearsal. dress rehearsal2 [countable] a time when all the people involved in a big event practise it together before it happens a wedding rehearsal
Examples from the Corpus
rehearsalThere are rehearsal tracks that show how band wizard Brian Wilson whipped studio musicians into shape.But that was just a full-dress rehearsal.Wednesday's dress rehearsal went fairly smoothly.Changes to the script are often made during rehearsal.Is the performance to be videoed without an audience at a final rehearsal?We're having our first rehearsal of 'Hamlet' tonight.The play went into rehearsal in mid-November for an opening on 171 Broadway on December 18 at the Booth Theater.Manion had been religious about doing his daily relaxation exercises, followed by affirmations, visualizations, and mental rehearsals.The next rehearsal will be on Monday night after school.rehearsal for/ofI felt this was a rehearsal for my parting from Dana.Then came what was almost a dress rehearsal of the Democratic Convention.On the Monday night the orchestra arrived ready for the dress rehearsal of Gypsy Baron the next morning.Earlier this year, I discovered a great way to spend a morning: open rehearsals of the San Francisco Symphony.Unfortunately, instead of being silent, rehearsal of this form can become overt.He insisted on a clause in his contract assuring him that his duties would not interfere with rehearsals for the opera company.