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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoundsound1 /saʊnd/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]SOUND something that you hear, or what can be heard syn noise There were strange sounds coming from the next room.sound of She could hear the sound of voices. a vowel sound2 [uncountable] a) TCBAMTthe sound produced by a television or radio programme, a film etc We apologize for the loss of sound during that report. a sound engineer b) AMLOUD/NOISYthe loudness of a television, radio, film etc syn volumeturn the sound down/up Turn the sound down a little, will you?3 [countable usually singular, uncountable] the particular quality that a singer’s or group’s music has We’re trying to develop a harder, funkier sound.4 by/from the sound of it/things5 not like the sound of something6 sounds7 [countable usually singular] a narrow area of water that connects two larger areas of waterCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesloudThere was a loud creaking sound and the branch snapped.faint/soft (=not loud)The sound was so faint I wasn’t sure what it was at first.deafening (=very loud)The sound of the waterfall was deafening.distinctive/unmistakableSuddenly from below came the unmistakable sound of gunfire.a strange soundI heard a strange sound coming from outside.a familiar soundSuddenly she heard the familiar sound of the key being turned in the front door.a distant sound (=a long way away)All seemed quiet, but for the distant sound of police sirens.a muffled sound (=not clear)Now there were muffled sounds of movement.a banging/tearing/hissing etc soundThere was an odd buzzing sound in her ears.verbshear a soundShe heard the sound of a car starting.make a soundThe machine made a strange hissing sound.not make a sound (=be completely quiet)He lay still and didn’t make a sound.a sound comes from somewhereThe sounds seemed to be coming from the study below.sound travelsLight travels faster than sound.sound carries (=can be heard some distance away)I knew the sound of the horn would would carry for miles.a sound stopsThe sound stopped suddenly.a sound dies away (=stops gradually)I listened until the sound had died away completely.COMMON ERRORSDon't say 'a strong sound'. Say a loud sound. THESAURUSa high soundsqueak a very short high sound or cryI heard the squeak of his shoes on the tiled floor.Annie gave a squeak of surprise.creak a long high sound that something makes when someone opens it, walks on it, sits on it etc – used especially about a door, wooden floor, bed, or stairsthe creak of floorboardsThe door opened with a creak.screech a loud, long, unpleasantly high sound – used especially about someone’s voice, or about brakes, tyres etcThere was a screech of tyres followed by a bang.She let out a screech of horror.beep (also bleep British English) a high electronic sound that a machine sends out, especially in order to attract someone’s attentionYou’ll hear a bleep when the photocopier’s finished printing.a quiet soundhum a quiet low continuous sound, especially from electrical equipment, traffic, an engine, or people’s conversationThe only sound was the faint hum of the air-conditioning unit.He could hear the hum of distant traffic.rustle a continuous quiet sound from papers, leaves, or clothes when they rub togetherShe heard the rustle of dried leaves behind her.the rustle of silk dressesmurmur a quiet low continuous sound, especially from people’s voices that are far awayThe murmur of voices died away.They spoke in a low murmur.rumble a series of long low sounds, especially from big guns, traffic, or thunderI heard a rumble of thunder.the low rumble of a train approachingmade by a liquidsplash the sound that a liquid makes when something hits it, or when it hits against another thingShe jumped into the pool with a big splash.the splash of the waves against the rocksgurgle the low sound that water makes when it flows gently over or through somethingthe gurgle of a streamShe listened to the gurgle as the water drained out of the bath.plop the sudden short sound when something is dropped into a liquidKate dropped the ice into her glass with a plop.made by air or gashiss a continuous high sound when air or gas comes out of somethingThere was a hiss of steam from the coffee machine.Workers reported hearing a loud hiss moments before the explosion.made by an explosion, gun etcbang a short sudden loud noise made by a gun, bomb etcThere was a loud bang as the bomb exploded.The firework went off with a bang.boom a very loud sound from an explosion, which you can hear for several seconds after it beginsThe building exploded into rubble with a loud boom.The boom of artillery fire echoed in the distance.roar a continuous very loud noise that gets louder and continues for a long timeThe light was followed by the deafening roar of explosions.the roar of the ship’s gunsmade by things hitting other thingsbang a loud sound caused especially when something hard or heavy hits something elseI heard a loud bang and rushed out to see what had happened.He slammed the door shut with a bang.crash a very loud sound caused when something hits something else, especially when damage is causedThe tray of dishes fell to the floor with a crash.I heard an enormous crash outside our house, and I went to see what had happened.thud a quiet low sound made when a heavy object falls down onto surfaceThere was a dull thud as the box hit the floor.His head hit the ground with a sickening thud.thump a dull loud sound made when a heavy object hits something elseThere was a loud thump as Eddie threw Luther back against the wall.clink a short ringing sound made when two glass, metal, or china objects hit each otherthe clink of champagne glassesThe clink of cutlery could be heard in the restaurant.tinkle the pleasant sound that is made by light pieces of glass or metal hitting each other repeatedlyHe listened to the faint tinkle of cow bells in the distance.jingle the sound of small metal objects being shaken togetherthe jingle of her braceletsthe jingle of keysrattle a short repeated sound made when things hit against each other – used especially when part of something is loose and is hitting against somethingThere was a strange rattle coming from the engine.the rattle of the trolley
Examples from the Corpus
soundThe ground mist clung closely to the hedgerows, discouraging the birds and damping down all sound.the fascinating sights and sounds of MarrakeshWhat you hear will incorporate high-fidelity sound, speech synthesis, and speech recognition.Something's wrong with the TV - you can see the pictures, but there's no sound.There's no sound coming from the TV.Some of these planes can travel faster than the speed of sound.The only sound in the house was the ticking of the clock.What's that funny rattling sound coming from the back of the car?She liked the sizzling sound of the water as it hit the stones when some one threw it from the bucket.From the kitchen came the sound of pots thrown to the floor.From the next room came the sound of laughter.Colourful flashing lights synchronize the sound.But there were neither apologies nor regrets, and the air rang to the sound of hundreds of cheers.a vowel soundsound ofJust then, we heard the sound of voices outside.turn the sound down/upYou can test this by turning the sound down the first time you look at the programme.Now he turned the sound down and watched the action on the screen.She turns the sound down low but the picture goes on flickering.They turn the sound up real loud.One is to turn the sound down and tune into the radio commentary.Can you predict the language you will hear when you turn the sound up?