Date: 1300-1400
Language: Late Latin
Origin: anatomia 'cutting up a body', from Greek anatome, from anatemnein 'to cut up'


a‧nat‧o‧my plural anatomies
1 [uncountable]M the scientific study of the structure of human or animal bodies:
a professor of anatomy
human/animal anatomy
Knowledge of human anatomy is essential to figure drawing.
2 [countable usually singular]M the structure of a body, or of a part of a body
anatomy of
the anatomy of the nervous system
3 [countable] your body - often used in a humorous way:
You could see a part of his anatomy that I'd rather not mention.

the/an anatomy of something

a) a study or examination of an organization, process etc in order to understand and explain how it works:
Elkind's book is an anatomy of one man's discussion with his son about life.
b) the structure of an organization, process etc or the way it works:
For the first time, we have the chance to examine the anatomy of a secret government operation.

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