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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanatomya‧nat‧o‧my /əˈnætəmi/ ●○○ noun (plural anatomies)  1 [uncountable]M the scientific study of the structure of human or animal bodies a professor of anatomyhuman/animal anatomy Knowledge of human anatomy is essential to figure drawing.2 [countable usually singular]MBODY the structure of a body, or of a part of a bodyanatomy of the anatomy of the nervous system3 BODY[countable] your body – often used in a humorous way You could see a part of his anatomy that I’d rather not mention.4 the/an anatomy of something
Examples from the Corpus
anatomyAs well as medical preparations, it contained a great deal of comparative anatomy, including fossils.And fewer than 10 % of shoe salespeople have had even basic training in foot anatomy or shoe sizing.He became assistant to the Professor and demonstrator of anatomy, at £25 perannum, plus coals for his sitting room.She read Victorian novels and studied textbooks of anatomy.This book is not an analysis of that anatomy.We unfolded them carefully, spread them out gently, and studied their anatomy.human/animal anatomyDepartures from normal human anatomy were marked in red.It was a book of animal anatomy.Diogenes backed up his theory of the importance of air circulating through the body with some primitive human anatomy.And the ear is not the only sensitive part of the human anatomy which Cloverleaf is designed to appeal to.A vulnerable part of the human anatomy.Such were Victor Frankenstein's perfectionist obsessions in relation to human anatomy, when he began his investigations into the nature of life.