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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishantibodyan‧ti‧bod‧y /ˈæntɪˌbɒdi $ -ˌbɑː-/ noun (plural antibodies) [countable]  MHBHa substance produced by your body to fight disease
Examples from the Corpus
antibodyThey reported that half of depressed patients studied had borna antibodies, compared to 1 percent in normal controls.Also in patients with inflammatory bowel disease antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies have been detected.Anyone who is antibody positive will find it impossible to get life assurance, should they apply for it.In addition the monoclonal antibody showed weak cross reactivity with epithelium.The production of a visceral-specific anti-peptide antibody should permit a further investigation of its expression in smooth muscle cells.The labeled antigen and the antibody are part of the reagent system.Some of the antibodies we used were studied at the international workshop on blood group antibodies at Paris, 1987.Traditionally, that has meant injecting people with a weakened or killed version of the virus itself, triggering antibodies.