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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblood pressureˈblood ˌpressure noun [uncountable]  MHBHthe force with which blood travels through your body high blood pressurecheck/take somebody’s blood pressure (=measure it) The nurse will take your blood pressure.
Examples from the Corpus
blood pressureIn contrast to a previous report, we found no significant inverse relations between birth weight and blood pressure.Somatostatin is known to reduce splanchnic blood flow without modifying systemic arterial blood pressure.From 1988-1998, the death rate from high blood pressure increased 16 percent.Carotid sinus hypersensitivity may result in either an intermittent drop in blood pressure or bradycardia, or both.National blood pressure ran so high that the Herrera government dared not receive SlideIl in the capital for fear of a revolution.The study also found that garlic supplements reduced blood pressure modestly, confirming results from previous studies.Indeed, the lower the blood pressure the better, because statistically it reduces the subsequent risks of stroke and heart attacks.Lifting very heavy weights can also raise your blood pressure considerably for a short time.check/take somebody’s blood pressureHe even considered fetching his sphygmomanometer and taking his blood pressure, simply out of curiosity.Additional reasons for checking the blood pressure are marked retinopathy or any evidence of proteinuria.A second nurse takes my blood pressure and checks my pulse.Some one took her blood pressure and remarked on how healthy it was.Do not stop taking your blood pressure medication.It's a good idea to ask your doctor to check your blood pressure each visit.Want me to take your blood pressure?We had a veterinarian call and tell us to check Marcus' blood pressure.