Language: Old English
Origin: blod


1 noun
blood1 S1 W1 [uncountable]
1HMM the red liquid that your heart pumps around your bodyCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
lose blood draw blood (=make someone bleed) give/donate blood (=have blood taken from you for the medical treatment of other people) blood clots (=blood that forms a mass and stops flowing) dried blood be caked with blood (=covered in dry blood) pool of blood drop of blood trickle of blood blood flows/oozes/gushes blood test blood cell blood sample
She lost a lot of blood in the accident.
The dog bit her but didn't draw blood.
I'm going to give blood this afternoon.
Cooked garlic helps to prevent blood clotting, and so reduces the risk of heart attack.
Dried blood matted his hair on each side of his head.
My trousers were caked with blood.
Her body was found in a pool of blood .
A single drop of blood can transport the virus.
the steady trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth
Blood oozed from a cut on his forehead.
Blood tests proved he was not the father.

(have) somebody's blood on your hands

to have caused someone's death:
dictators with blood on their hands

in cold blood

in a cruel and deliberate way:

make somebody's blood boil

to make someone extremely angry:
The way they treat people makes my blood boil.

make somebody's blood run cold

to make someone feel extremely frightened

like getting blood out of a stone

almost impossible:
Getting the truth out of her is like getting blood out of a stone.

blood is thicker than water

used to say that family relationships are more important than any other kind

be after somebody's blood

to be angry enough to want to hurt someone

somebody's blood is up

British English someone is extremely angry about something and determined to do something about it:
They tried to stop me, but my blood was up.
10 the family to which you belong from the time that you are born:
There's Irish blood on his mother's side.

be/run in somebody's blood

if an ability or tendency is in, or runs in, someone's blood, it is natural to them and others in their family

sweat blood

to work extremely hard to achieve something:
Beth sweated blood over that article.

blood, sweat, and tears

extremely hard work

new/fresh blood

new members in a group or organization who bring new ideas and energy:
We need to bring in some new blood and fresh ideas.

blood on the carpet

a situation where people have a very strong disagreement, with the result that something serious happens, such as someone losing his or her job

young blood

old-fashioned a fashionable young man
17 especially American English spoken a way of greeting a friend, used by young men

➔ bad blood

at bad1 (27), blue-blooded, red blood cell, white blood cell

; ➔ your own flesh and blood

at flesh1 (6)

; ➔ shed blood

at shed2 (5)

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