chem‧ist's [countable]
British EnglishM a shop where medicines and toiletries are sold [↪ pharmacy; = drugstore AmE]

pharmacist, pharmacy, chemist, chemist's, drugstore
A pharmacist is someone who prepares and sells medicines. This is the usual word in American English, but in British English pharmacist is slightly technical and it is more usual to use the word chemist.The place where a pharmacist works is a pharmacy. This can be a shop, part of a shop, or part of a hospital. Pharmacy is the usual word in American English. In British English, you usually refer to the part of a hospital that prepares and gives out medicines as a pharmacy , but the usual word for a shop where medicines are prepared and sold is a chemist or a chemist's. In Britain chemists usually also sell other things, such as beauty and baby products. A shop like this in the United States is called a drugstore.See also pharmacist

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