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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishginsenggin‧seng /ˈdʒɪnseŋ $ -sæŋ, -seŋ/ noun [uncountable]  Mmedicine made from the root of a Chinese plant, that some people think keeps you young and healthy
Examples from the Corpus
ginsengYesterday Charles visited a ginseng shop in the trading district of Nam Pak Hong.The company does not sell its products outside its own stores and buys ginseng from wholesalers, Miller said.Why, I still have a long workout in my net every morning even before our first cuppa ginseng.After showing Wig how to find ginseng, the young man turned him loose on his own.Athletes, including Sebastian Coe, and cosmonauts are among well-known users of ginseng today.He added pumpkin-seed oil, ginseng, royal jelly and a herbal complex to boost his libido.This must be a lingering effect of the ginseng.Perhaps the ginseng had altered the balance of his Yin and Yang, which can do absolutely anything to a man.