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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlocallo‧cal1 /ˈləʊkəl $ ˈloʊ-/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective [usually before noun]  1 LIVE SOMEWHERErelating to the particular area you live in, or the area you are talking about local hospital local residents2 technicalM affecting or limited to one part of your body a local infection
Examples from the Corpus
locala local anestheticPolzeath is our local beach, but there are better surfing beaches further away.Some victims of police abuse received compensation in local civil trials.The food is freshly cooked using local ingredients.You can find all these books in your local library.Another local mill was known as Furnace Mill.The fire was reported in the local newspaper.The richest local personality was Dmitrii Alekseevich D'iakov.Volunteers like Joyce go round local schools helping children with their reading problems.These developments often failed because of the limited scale of the local social and economic infrastructure.Ask at your local Social Security office.It is built of the typical pale Yorkshire brick with local stone dressings.Actual speed will vary not only with altitudes but also with local terrain.Government control was primarily local until the early part of the century.