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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishequatorialeq‧ua‧to‧ri‧al /ˌekwəˈtɔːriəl◂/ adjective  1 SGnear the equator equatorial rain forests2 HEMequatorial weather is very hot and wet an equatorial climate
Examples from the Corpus
equatorialIt is not easy to get the water from the polar regions to the equatorial base, where it is needed.For some reason, this compression was more efficient along an equatorial belt, making a ring-like structure.The equatorial diameter exceeds the polar diameter by 26 miles.But not too hot - not equatorial or anything.Of course an infinite number of equatorial orbits exist, but only one geostationary orbit.an equatorial rainforestBut if the principal base of lunar operations is in the equatorial region, the attractiveness of polar ice is greatly diminished.Early on, studies of the equatorial regions revealed great volcanic mountain systems and several apparent large impact craters.More recently, in an age of man-made satellites, the polar stereoscopic projection and the equatorial stereoscopic projection have become important.