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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsleetsleet /sliːt/ noun [uncountable]  HEMhalf-frozen rain that falls when it is very cold scattered sleet and snow showerssee thesaurus at rainsleet verb [intransitive] It was sleeting so hard we could barely see for 30 yards.sleety adjective
Examples from the Corpus
sleetI awoke to rain and sleet pounding on the roof, and to the sound of rushing wind.A tear popped out of one eye, or was it sleet that was still falling?It was raining again, and so windy and cold that the rain felt like sleet on their faces.Handfuls of sleet were beginning to wander through the air.She trembled at the razor-sharp sleet of misery: losing Lucy.It swirled and howled, driving the sleet and snow towards him alone.We couldn't see anything because of the sleet and snow.Outside, the sleet rattled across the windows like handfuls of hurled gravel.