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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquallsquall1 /skwɔːl $ skwɒːl/ noun [countable]  HEMa sudden strong wind, especially one that brings rain or snow snow squalls
Examples from the Corpus
squallIt was accompanied by a squall of spittle.Twice a squall bowled him into the water as he followed the shore round.The mariners spent the night in such shelter as they could find from the 30-knot winds, drenching squalls and menacing waves.Suddenly the sharp, heavy squall of the air raid siren lashed the silence between them.Still wet from a recent rain squall, the city lay glistening in the sun.Rodomonte hardly noticed the magnificent, unearthly architecture preserved so beautifully away from the squalls of the less temperate zones.The squall was a prelude to a fully-fledged gale, heralded well in advance by warnings from the meteorologists.A violent squall sank both ships.