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thermalthermal2 noun  1 [countable]HEM a rising current of warm air used by birds2 thermals
Examples from the Corpus
thermalIn general, the same clothing was used underneath - Rhoval/Modal thermals and Polartec 200 fleece.This creates a breathing space between inner clothes and the waterproof outer skin; important when only thermals are being worn underneath.Soon the kites were circling the thermals, a great helix of wide-winged birds sailing the vectors in sweeping corkscrew spirals.Great granite fortresses sprang up in the misty vales and from them Dragon Princes rode the thermals over sullen volcanoes.In this way it is possible to use the lift low down with safety, provided that the thermals are not too turbulent.The former occurs both within the thermals and in the slowly downward drifting cold fluid between the thermals.