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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtropicaltrop‧i‧cal /ˈtrɒpɪkəl $ ˈtrɑː-/ ●●○ adjective  1 tropical.jpg PGcoming from or existing in the hottest parts of the world the tropical rain forests tropical fruittropical diseases/medicine (=diseases that are common in hot countries or the study of these diseases)2 HOTweather that is tropical is very hot and wet a steamy tropical night
Examples from the Corpus
tropicaltropical birdsIt is exclusively produced in tropical countries and mostly consumed in the industrialized North.Many other animals of the tropical forests have adapted themselves to some means of gliding.For the environmentally minded contractor, several lumber companies in California are now marketing ethically chopped tropical rain forest timber.the tropical summer of CubaWhen the land is exposed to the harsh tropical sun and torrential rain, it quickly becomes infertile.In his shaving mirror he saw a face burned a deep brown by two weeks of fierce tropical sunshine.tropical rain forestsMost species live in tropical rain forests.They grew tall with curving trunks, like the tree ferns that still thrive in tropical rain forests.Most are from tropical rain forests, and 95 percent have been studied, Collins said.Savannah animals differ from those of tropical rain forests, and these again from inhabitants of the tundra at high latitudes.The drive is spectacular: gorges and tropical rain forests and waterfalls on every hand, but I thought only of Poppy.Up to half of the tropical rain forests cut down or burned are transformed not into wasteland but into secondary forest.The issue of the tropical rain forests illustrates some of the central debates of global politics today.They were now restricted to tropical rain forests where most of their food plants grew in the upper canopy.