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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwesterlywest‧er‧ly1 /ˈwestəli $ -ərli/ adjective  1 DNtowards or in the west We set off in a westerly direction.2 HEMa westerly wind comes from the west
Examples from the Corpus
westerlyThe storm is moving in a westerly direction.He based his explanation on a movement away from the poles and a westerly drift of the land-masses.Except in the most westerly provinces, the land was redeemed not by individual peasants but by the village commune.A westerly return movement occurs between mid-October and December, but fewer birds are noticed.The eternal westerly swell rolled lazily across our wake and wiped out the last trace of our intrusion.The normal southerly or westerly wind of that season did not materialise.The rain had become fog, which was presently replaced by scattered flurries and a hard westerly wind.Prevailing westerly winds spread acid rain across the country, however.