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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbacillusba‧cil‧lus /bəˈsɪləs/ noun (plural bacilli /-laɪ/) [countable] technical  HBMMIa type of bacteria. Some types of bacillus cause diseases.
Examples from the Corpus
bacillusThe vaccine - which consists of whole, dead leprosy bacilli - should induce immunity in the subjects.Yersin was one of the workers who isolated the bacillus in 1894.These movies have been carrying, like a sealed train, the bacillus of high art.After the tubercle bacillus was identified, accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis, of the lungs and of other organs, became possible.We are not likely to find a cause as precisely as the tubercle bacillus can be shown to produce tuberculosis.Koch identified the tubercle bacillus only in 1882.So the tubercle bacillus is a particularly difficult target for chemical attack.Furthermore, immune responses to tubercle bacilli are extraordinarily complicated.