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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcloneclone1 /kləʊn $ kloʊn/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 HB technical an animal or plant produced by scientists from one cell of another animal or plant, so that they are exactly the same2 TD technical a computer that is built as an exact copy of a more famous computer an IBM clone3 informalSAME someone or something that looks and behaves exactly the same as someone or something elseclone of She’s an exact clone of her sister!
Examples from the Corpus
cloneThe 50 clones differed on average from one another in 3. 3 vegetative characters.These plants are all clones of the same original plant.He produced bigger clones by embryo splitting, once deriving a set of quin lambs from an eight-cell embryo.The cDNA clones were sequenced from both ends using standard forward and reverse primers.It is making arrangements outside for continued support of its clone customers.Power Computing was packed with show-goers curious to see the new, low-cost, high-performance Mac clones.When counting the number of links between two probes, missing clones are clearly of no relevance.Can the day of the Stratocaster clone be gone?Quite distinct phenotypic modifications were elicited from the clone by the different ryegrass strains.